SLR 8000 Repeater

Motorola Repeater SLR 8000 is optimized for your workplace and offers high-performance wireless walkie-talkie services. The SLR 8000 has all the outstanding performance of a Motorola radio system and is the representative of next-generation radio repeaters. The MOTOTRBO radio system combines the simplicity of a digital, simple single base station system with the broad coverage of IP base station interconnections or the powerful clustering capabilities of Capacity Plus, Capacity Max or ConnectPlus.
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With superior performance, outstanding reliability, flexible design and slim form factor, the SLR 8000 repeater is at the heart of the high-quality MOTOTRBO professional walkie-talkie system.

Next generation MOTOTRBO repeater

The SLR 8000 has made a huge leap in design and technology. Based on extensive field experience, customer feedback and technological innovation, this product delivers superior performance and reliability for your corporate walkie-talkie system. From efficient modular design to flexible mounting options, the SLR 8000 is the next generation repeater.

high performance

With its 100W transmitter output and high sensitivity receiver input, the SLR 8000 can cover walkie-talkies across a wide area. With its outstanding performance, it is also suitable for congested sites that require higher specifications. The SLR 8000 supports all of MOTOTRBO's feature set and is compatible with all MOTOTRBO system architectures: digital conventional single base station systems, IP base station interconnect systems, single station/multi-station Capacity Plus systems, Capacity Max cluster systems, and Connect Plus cluster systems. The IP interface allows you to build applications and consoles directly into your system.

High reliability

The SLR 8000 supports reliable operation around the clock, even when the continuous full transmit power is 100W. Its high quality design has been validated by the Motorola Accelerated Life Test (ALT) program and meets stringent quality standards. Designed with a new generation of receivers, the product's high sensitivity and improved noise isolation make it easy to capture clear voice quality even under the toughest conditions. The unit has internal monitoring circuitry that allows you to measure input voltage and current, output power, module temperature, and VSWR. You can access these parameters through the front panel maintenance interface or remote management applications such as RDAC. The standard warranty for this product is 2 years, plus Service from the Start: a comprehensive service support program that protects your hardware investment with prioritized expert repair, proactive technical support and software updates .

Comprehensive flexibility

The SLR 8000 is flexible enough to meet your operational needs. It allows you to choose an internal preselector and antenna relay module to help you achieve a truly integrated installation. If you need tone control, four-wire audio, and additional external input, you can also choose a built-in cable card. In addition, the SLR8000 supports 110-240V AC power supply, 12-24V DC power supply, and AC power supply with battery as backup power: This product even has a built-in 5A battery charger. The 2U unit can be efficiently installed in a rack with no ventilation space up and down. Its local voice capabilities further enhance product maintainability: internal speaker and volume control for external microphones.



Power Output1-100W
Channel Capacity64