Motorola MTM5200

Motorola MTM5200

Motorola MTM5200 Digital Mobile Radio supports advanced features, including TEDS high-speed data connectivity, which not only helps customers improve operational efficiency, but also allows users to get more information and make more informed decisions on the spot.
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Product Details

Motorola MTM5200 TETRA Mobile Radio


  • High speed data link

    With a simple software license upgrade, TEDS increases data connection speeds by up to 20x, allowing high-speed access to back-end systems and databases. Motorola MTM5200 Digital Mobile Radio's integrated USB 2.0 PEI interface supports fast walkie-talkie programming and standard interface to data terminals and accessories. For added flexibility, USB master mode and slave mode are also supported.

  • Excellent audio performance

    The next-generation audio architecture ensures the loudest, clearest voice performance and is superior to any other Motorola TETRA mobile radio on the market.

  • Low user migration costs

    The user-friendly mobile phone-style interface and VGA color display improve ease of use and reduce staff training costs. The Motorola MTM5200 Digital Mobile Radio utilizes the GCAI connector to re-use MTM800 enhanced accessories.

  • Advanced terminal management

    USB 2.0 interface allows for fast radio programming via Motorola's Integrated Terminal Management Solution. Motorola MTM5200 Digital Mobile Radio is enabled through a software upgrade, and the background programming feature allows programming with the walkie-talkie fully functional.

  • Flexible installation options

    Motorola MTM5200 Digital Mobile Radio is fully DIN-A compliant and supports instrumentation, countertops, remote heads and motorcycles.

  • Rugged design for superior reliability

    Includes IPB7 control head option for unshaded, harsh environments. Front and rear rugged GCAI connectors for reliable connection of audio and data peripherals. The Motorola MTM5200 digital mobile radio perfectly matches the performance of the accessories, further enhancing reliability.


380 - 438MHz,

Power Output

1 - 3W

Channel Capacity20

Accessories includes

  • Standard Handheld Microphone

  • Loudspeaker

  • DC power cable 

  • Microphone hanger kit

  • Mounting bracket kit

  • Fuses