Motorola TLKR T80

Motorola TKLR T40 is a public walkie-talkie with IPX2 protection.
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Product Details

Motorola TKLR T40 walkie-talkie

  • LCD backlit display

    Backlit display can operate accurately even in dimly lit environments

  • Channel and mute code

    20 channels and 121 mute codes   2420 combinations increase call privacy

  • Group mode

    Group mode, which adds 20 times privacy over traditional mute codes. Set the ID function to clearly distinguish, call the members in the group, and mobilize quickly

  • Circuit safety

    The walkie-talkie produced by the high-performance integrated circuit receives sensitive, stable transmit power, clear call effect, low energy consumption.

  • High quality speaker

    The sound is clear and beautiful. Large size neodymium magnetic field speaker makes the sound clearer and brighter

  • IPX2 protection level

    The internal battery compartment of the fuselage is designed with a waterproof rubber ring to prevent water droplets.

Power Output0.5W

Accessories includes

  • Belt Clip x2

  • User manual

  • Power Adapter

  • Charger

  • Battery