Motorola Gp328 Battery

HNN9008/HNN9009/HNN9013 battery is compatible with GP328
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Product Details


Performance Characteristics

Operational time (hours)             10

Minimum rated capacity (mAh)     1400mAH

Intelligent         Yes

Number of charge cycles    400

Energy density      18.6965812(mAH/cm³)

Memory effect     Yes

Requires maintenance    Yes


Physical Characteristics

Dimensions (HxWxD)    Weight

120 x 52 x 12      204

Chemistry      NiMH

User Environment    

Operating temperature range   -20 - +60 deg C


Motorola HNN9009AR NiMH Ultra High Capacity Battery

Standard / Approvals

FM :             No 
Cenelec :     N/A 
ATEX:          N/A

Features  &  Benefits

Motorola original batteries are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Use of NiMH technology in a larger battery case gives this battery exceptional 
capacity. In addition the NiMH technology is less prone to memory effect and 
therefore will provide more consistant power charge after charge.

Environmentally Acceptable Design 
Longer Useage Between Battery Recharges 
Low Maintenance Battery

Additional  Information:

Battery Chemical Type: NiMH 
Charge Rate: Rapid and Slow 
Voltage: 7.5V 
Average capacity: 1900 mAh 
Height:  4 13/16" (122.2 mm)


Motorola PMNN4158AR (HNN9013) Lithium GP340 Battery

Detailed Information

Motorola PMNN4158AR is a super lightweight and slimline lithium battery for the Motorola GP340 and Motorola GP640 two way radios. Motorola PMNN4158AR is the replacement battery for the discontinued HNN9013 battery.

Motorola PMNN4158AR is lightweight at only 125g and slimline at only 8mm thick. The PMNN4158AR makes yourGP340 weigh less than 300g and can handle up to 400 charge cycles.

Alternative: We also stock a higher capacity alternative to this product, our own brand version calledRadiotronics AM9013LI 1900mAh GP340 Battery.