Motorola WPLN4137BR Replacement Base Without Power Cord Details Motorola WPLN4137BR replacement charger base for the WPLN4138AR 90-Min rapid rate tri-chemistry desktop charger. This is only the base and does not come with a power adapter. Tri-Chemistry charges Li-Ion, NiMH and NiCD.
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Product Details

Additional Info

Compatible Motorola Radios                CP150, CP200, PR400

Type/Style                                       Single-Unit Chargers

SKU                                                 WPLN4137BR

Listed Under The Following               WPLN4137, WPLN4137AR, WPLN4137BR

Manufacturer Part Numbers

Manufacturer                                    Motorola Solutions

Brand                                               Motorola Solutions

Color                                               Black

Warranty                                           Motorola Solutions - 1 Year

Charge Rate                                      Rapid Rate

Charge Time                                      90 Minutes

Chemistry                                         Li-Ion, NiCD, NiMH

Maintenance System                            No

Reconditioning Capable                      No

Number of Pockets                             1

Display                                            No