Xpr 6550 Accessories

Xpr 6550 Accessories

Display Portable Radio Standard Package • Display Portable Radio • Antenna—Standard whip included with XPR 6500; Standard whip with GPS included with XPR 6550 • IMPRES ™ LiIon 1500 mAh Submersible Battery • IMPRES ™ Single Unit Charger • 2.5" Belt Clip • User Guide CD Kit (English and French Canadian) • Two-year Standard Warranty plus one-year Repair Service Advantage (US only) / Extended Warranty (Canada only)

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MOTOTRBO Accessories 

Part # Description                           Benefits


PMMN4025 IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone           These Remote Speaker Microphones     

PMMN4024 Remote Speaker Microphone             utilize advanced windporting

PMMN4040 Remote Speaker Microphone-Submersible (IP57)      technol-ogy that can help reduce

Background noise in windy conditions.

The PMMN4024 and PMMN4025

have an earjack located on the

microphone head to eliminate long

wires. The PMMN4040 has a

higher IP57 water intrusion rating

that helps provide first responders

with high reliability in

emergency situations.

PMMN4050 IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone - Noise Cancelling   Slightly larger RSM for users wearing

gloves. 3.5mm earjack is located on

the microphone head to eliminate long

wires. When the user speaks into the

microphone, the Noise Cancelling acous-

tic utilizes a directional microphone that

will help eliminate ambient noise - ideal

for outdoor communication.

PMMN4046    IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone, with volume   Slightly larger RSM for users wearing 

control -Submersible (IP57)               gloves. Utilizes windporting technology

that can reduce background noise in

windy conditions. The volume control

enables users to adjust audio volume

without having to touch the radio.


PMNN4066   IMPRES LiIon 1500 mAh Submersible (IP57) Battery   Offer superior, long lasting perfor-

PMNN4069   IMPRES LiIon 1400 mAh Submersible (IP57) Battery -   mance. Automated maintenance

Intrinsi-cally Safe (FM)              and a six month extended warranty

 when used exclusively with IMPRES

chargers. Can be charged and                   reconditioned without being removed

from the radio.

PMNN4077    IMPRES LiIon 2200 mAh Submersible (IP57) Battery   All IMPRES benefits plus higher capac-

ity for extended shifts or high  power consuming applications.

PMNN4065    NiMH 1300 mAh Submersible (IP57) Battery     NiMH chemistry offers an attractive

combination of capacity, weight and cost.

Part #  Description  Benefits


WPLN4232     IMPRES Single Unit Charger               Provides adaptive, automatic recondi-

WPLN4212     IMPRES Multi Unit Charger                tioning for IMPRES batteries to maxi-

mize talk time and cycle life. Advanced

charging algorithm monitors battery

capacity so that they can be kept in the

charger for extended periods. Display

models provide real time charge

status information.

RLN5382   Charger Display Module for IMPRES Multi-Unit Charger Benefit: Readout attaches to multi-unit

charger and displays battery kit num-

ber, serial number and chemistry.

Carry Devices

PMLN4651  2" Belt Clip

PMLN4652  2.5" Belt Clip

PMLN5015   Nylon Carry Case w/ 3" Fixed Belt Loop for Display Radio   Durable leather or nylon carry cases

PMLN5021   Hard Leather Carry Case w/ 3" Fixed Belt Loop for Display   keep your radio and battery securely

Radio                                   in place while permitting audio to be

PMLN5019  Hard Leather Carry Case w/ 2.5" Swivel Belt Loop for Display  heard clearly. Fixed belt loop and nylon

Radio                                    cases feature D rings that allow the

PMLN5020  Hard Leather Carry Case w/ 3" Swivel Belt Loop for Display   case to be attached to a carrying strap.

Radio                            Swivel cases secure to a belt loop and

      allow the case to swing freely from

      side to side. The swivel latch system

      allows fast, easy radio/case removal by

      simply inverting the case and lifting it

      up from the belt loop.


PMAE4018  Combination UHF/GPS 403-433 MHz Folded Monopole Antenna  Optimum length antenna designed for

PMAE4024  Combination UHF/GPS 430-470 MHz Folded Monopole Antenna  higher gain to maximize range. This

PMAE4050  Combination GPS/UHF 450-495 MHz Folded Monopole Antenna   capless design provides maximum

PMAE4051  Combination GPS/UHF 495-527 MHz Folded Monopole Antenna   flexibility and built in capability to

operate at GPS frequencies.

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