Motorola DEM400

Motorola DEM400

Motorola DEM400 is a digital mobile radio with analog and digital dual modes, and the alphanumeric display can be easily operated. Rugged, with the basic dust and water resistance of IP54.
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Product Details

Motorola DEM400 Digital Mobile Radio


  • Digital communication

    This analog / digital mobile radio has all the advantages of the latest technology From premium audio quality to wider coverage. It is also compatible with advanced MOTOTRBO business essential functions, etc.

  • Alphanumeric display

    Display information Full subtitles are clearly visible.

  • Thick wear-resistant material

    High-quality plastic wear-resistant and drop-resistant, no odor and high temperature resistance.

  • Rubber buttons

    Comfortable and flexible, Good durability and easier operation.

  • High Power

    45W high power, more than 10 kilometers of theoretical call distance.

  • Digital communications

    Including better sound quality and greater coverage. It also maintains compatibility with existing radio fleets, allowing for easy control over the migration to new technologies.


136 - 174MHz

403 - 438MHz,

403 - 470MHz

Power Output

Low: 1-25W

High: 25 - 45W

Low: 1 - 25W,

High: 25 - 40W

Channel Capacity64

Accessories includes

  • Standard Handheld Microphone RMN5052

  • DC power cable 

  • Microphone hanger kit

  • Mounting bracket kit

  • Fuses