Motorola DGP4150+

Motorola DGP4150 is a digital two-way radio. It is the DGP4150 which integrates the MOTOTRBO system with excellent voice quality and longer battery life.
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Product Details

Motorola DGP4150+ Digital Two-way radio

  • GPS

    Models with GPS can transmit the coordinates of your location using the Services application Location.

  • programmable buttons

    Ability to send quick preprogrammed messages using programmable buttons.

  • Migration mode

    Allows easy migration from analog to digital thanks to its ability to function in both modes.

  • Sturdy design

    Meets Military Standards 810 C, D, E and F, the IP57 specification for submersion and Motorola testing for durability and reliability.

  • Accessory connector

    The accessory connector meets the specifications IP57 for submersion and incorporates capacity for RF, USB and enhanced audio.

  • IMPRES battery

    Uses IMPRES audio and energy systems for automate battery maintenance, optimize your cycle of life, maximize the talk time and improve the audio function

  • Call functions

    Improved call management features including receiving call alert, sending call emergency, receiving remote monitoring, sending Call identification (PTT-ID), verification receipt radio, private call reception and reception of radio disablement

  • Signaling

    Enhanced call management. Codec: dedicated calls, call alerts. Code only: emergency, push-to-talk ID. Decode only: walkie-talkie check, remote monitoring, walkie-talkie disable, all calls

  • IP Site connect(optional)

    Extend the coverage of radio communications using the Internet Providing great advantages to users around the world Improve customer service and increase productivity.

  • Capacity plus(optional)

    Scalable single digital trunk for extended channel capacity Communicate with a thousand stations without adding new frequencies..




Power Output1-5W1-4W
Channel Capacity32

Accessories includes