Motorola DP3441e

Motorola DP3441e

Motorola DP3441e is a two-way radio that complies with the DMR digital standard. It is compact and IP67 rated for dust and water resistance and the US military MIL-STD standard. In addition, the DP3441e integrates GPS and Bluetooth to remotely manage and program the radio. Support for analog and digital dual modes can reduce the cost of replacing digital walkie-talkies.
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Product Details

Motorola DP3441e digital two-way radio


  • Smart audio

    The radio eliminates noise, has high stability, clear sound quality, and loud sound.

  • Digital/analog dual mode

    The DP3441e supports both digital/analog modes with dual-mode scanning to support scanning analog and digital channels for compatibility with analog systems.

  • Integrated GPS module

    Azimuth tracking can be performed on the mobile work team to improve personnel safety and operational efficiency. In an emergency, you can pinpoint all security personnel and quickly dispatch the nearest security guard to the site.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection

    The DP3441e wirelessly connects to your radio, improving communication convenience, enabling wireless communication between devices and sharing information in a timely manner.

  • Direct mode

    The two time slots are transmitted simultaneously and independently. Generally, the relay is required to provide time reference. The DP3441e can automatically synchronize and cooperate. It can use two gaps at the same time, double the capacity and improve the frequency performance without having to purchase the relay and related auxiliary equipment.




Power Output1-5W1-4W
Channel Capacity32

Accessories includes

  • Standard 1600mAh Li-Ion Battery

  • Belt Clip 

  • Charger 

  • Antenna

  • Power Adapter