Motorola SL2M

Motorola SL2M is a handheld digital two-way radio that meets the DMR digital standard. Has the MOTOTRBO system function. It has a stylish appearance, light and portable, virtual keypad, and can receive information at a glance. It also supports USB charging, with stable calls, built-in wifi, and long battery life. Very suitable for the use of emergency intercom in business enterprises.
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Product Details

Motorola SL2M Digital Two-way radio

  • Invisible productivity

    Motorola SL2M uses a virtual keypad's display to implement device control and emit gesture messages that illuminate when enabled and dim when disabled. Simulates the touch and responsiveness of a physical keyboard, allowing buttons to be customized for vibration, pronunciation, or mute. The 2-line OLED display gives important information at a glance, including battery life, signal strength, current channel and scrolling message display.

  • System scalable

    SL2M supports regular single base stations and IP Site Connect via IP, so you can link multiple locations to a single network. Or, expand to single-site or multi-station intelligent channel sharing system (Capacity Plus) to improve calls Capacity, all thanks to the efficient channel and spectrum utilization of the MOTOTRBO cluster.

  • Thin and light

    It is only 23 mm (0.9 in.) thick and is easy to hold or fit into a blazer or trouser pocket. Weighing only 193 grams (6.7 ounces), you can move at will without feeling heavy. SL2M is stylish and dynamic, and complements your business suit to enhance your professional image.

  • Bluetooth indoor positioning

    SL2M can be connected to wireless accessories such as Bluetooth earbuds, allowing the intercom to be placed out of sight but never lost contact. Use Bluetooth indoor positioning to locate employees and ensure on-call. As Bluetooth sensors become more popular in the workplace, SL2M is ready to work with your new devices and applications.

  • Wi-Fi wireless update

    Instead of having to program the devices one by one, managers can send updates to the entire system to save valuable time. It is not necessary to manually connect the programming cable. The radio will not stop the service.

  • Team communication

    Team communication enables employees to communicate instantly, not only without border restrictions, but also to improve the intelligence of the entire enterprise. Use MOTOTRBO products with WAVE-Keypass and other data solutions to seamlessly connect radios, software and people to help bridge the gap and get work done faster.

Power Output1-3W
Channel Capacity256

Accessories includes

  • Li-Ion (2300mAh) Battery

  • Belt Clip 

  • Charger 

  • Antenna

  • Power Adapter