Motorola SL3500e

First choice for business! Motorola SL3500e is a DMR digital dual-mode radio, it can support digital and analog modes, UHF / VHF optional, 2-line virtual screen and virtual keypad, can provide sci-fi operation, built-in high-gain antenna, can improve ultra-long Call distance. In addition, it can also be charged by USB interface, which is very convenient to use.

Product Details

Motorola SL3500e Digital Two-way radio

Frequency range

UHF (403-470 MHz)

VHF (136-174 MHz)

Max Power output

3 Watts (Digital)

2 Watts (Analog)

Coverage areaAdjustable power output for varying coverage
Repeater capableYes
Estimated battery life

1 1 hours (Analog)

13.5 hours (Digital)

Standard batteryPMNN4468 Li-ion
Battery size2300 mAh

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