Motorola XiR C1200

Motorola XiR C1200 is a digital two-way radio. The built-in MOTOTRBO system meets the latest digital features such as clear voice, power saving, and intelligent, and is compatible with analog calls. XiR C1200 is designed to be precise, rugged and reliable, meeting IP54 dustproof and waterproof standards and the US military MIL-STD anti-drop, shockproof, high temperature standards. Suitable for emergency communications in the property, security, manufacturing and public safety industries.
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Product Details

Motorola XiR C1200 Digital Two-way radio

  • Digital and analog compatibility mode

    The advantages of digital mode, clear sound quality, large coverage and long battery life, and retain the compatibility of existing analog radio.

  • 2-slot simultaneous call

    In order to transmit both time slots simultaneously and independently, repeaters are typically required to provide a time reference: XiR C1200 two-way radio can automatically synchronize and collaborate without the need for a time reference. So two time slots can be used simultaneously, capacity is multiplied and frequency performance is improved without having to purchase repeaters and associated auxiliary equipment.

  • Voice broadcast

    The switching channel can receive the voice broadcast, and the switching of the channel is confirmed by the voice. The voice announcement function can play pre-made audio files for easy operation.

  • Meet IP54 dustproof

    XiR C1200 is waterproof, dustproof and rainproof, and can be operated in harsh environments.

  • Pre-programmed text message function

    Pre-programmed text messages provide fast and flexible communication for use in noisy environments Down to the two-way radio user to pass information, can also be used to convey covert information.

Power Output1-4W
Channel Capacity16

Accessories includes

  • NiMH 1400mAH Battery(optional:Li-Ion 1750mAH,Li-Ion 2250mAH)

  • Belt Clip 

  • Charger 

  • Antenna

  • Power Adapter