Motorola XiR M8668i

Motorola XiR M8668i is a digital mobile radio that complies with the DMR standard, integrates Bluetooth audio for wireless calls, and integrates Wi-Fi modules for remote wireless upgrades. It satisfies TDMA technology and supports dual-slot cluster calls. Additional optional monitoring systems and other enhanced features. Very suitable for public security, fire protection and other public industries.
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Product Details

Motorola XiR M8668i Digital Mobile Radio


  • LCD screen, at a glance

    LCD display, rich and comprehensive information, intuitive and convenient operation. There are 4 programmable buttons on the display for easy viewing and quick access.

  • Large channel storage

    Supports up to 1000 memory channels for more users.

  • TDMA digital technology

    With TDMA digital technology, you get integrated voice and data services, multiplying call capacity and clear voice communication

  • Speech cancellation noise

    In noisy environments, you can filter out noise.

  • Split installation

    The front panel of the radio can be disassembled and installed flexibly.

  • Upgrade on demand

    With the XiR M8668i MOTOTRBO car radio, you can easily upgrade to a digital system.


136 - 174MHz

403 - 438MHz,

403 - 470MHz

Power Output

Low: 1-25W

High: 25 - 45W

Low: 1 - 25W,

High: 25 - 40W

Channel Capacity1000

Accessories includes

  • Standard Handheld Microphone PMMN4090(Optional: Heavy Duty Microphone PMMN4091)

  • DC power cable 

  • Microphone hanger kit

  • Mounting bracket kit

  • Fuses