Motorola XiR P8268

Motorola XiR P8268

Motorola XiR P8268 is a MOITOTRBO digital two-way radio that integrates a GPS modem for position tracking. The radio combines the functionality of a two-way radio with digital technology. It supports both analog and digital modes, making it easy to transition from analog to digital, and can be used in both UHF and VHF bands, with 160 channel.
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Product Details

Motorola XiR P8268 Digital Two-way radio

  • GPS location tracking

    Implemented by an integrated GPS modem.

  • Emergency button

    Alert the supervisor or dispatcher in an emergency.

  • Off-network function

    Voice options through the dispenser or between the device and the device.

  • Sturdy seal design

    IP57 Strict waterproof and dustproof seal, can sneak into one meter deep water 30 minutes.

  • Bright display

    Tri-color LEDs show feedback on call, scan or monitor functions.

    The menu-driven interface uses icons or text for easy information reading and menu navigation.

  • Call book

    Can accommodate up to 256 contacts.

  • Signaling

    Enhanced call management. Codec: dedicated calls, call alerts. Code only: emergency, push-to-talk ID. Decode only: walkie-talkie check, remote monitoring, walkie-talkie disable, all calls

  • IP Site connect(optional)

    Extend the coverage of radio communications using the Internet Providing great advantages to users around the world Improve customer service and increase productivity.

  • Capacity plus(optional)

    Scalable single digital trunk for extended channel capacity Communicate with a thousand stations without adding new frequencies..





Power Output1-5W1-4W1-4W
Channel Capacity1000

Accessories includes