Xpr 3000

Xpr 3000

Monitoring supply needs on a manufacturing line or reporting an emergency on school grounds, how do you keep employees connected and students safe? MOTOTRBO digital radio solutions can help by putting the power of digital communications within reach. Versatile and powerful, MOTOTRBO combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology. XPR 3000 Series radios offer best-in-class audio in a scalable solution to meet your communication needs. Because they are also analog interoperable, you can make the transition to digital at your own pace and budget. The XPR 3000 Series radios can remaster your workplace and the way people collaborate to help you achieve even greater productivity, safety and cost-effectiveness.
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Product Details


The XPR 3000 Series offers a compact and lightweight design, making it comfortable for users to carry during long work shifts. Controls are designed to optimize ease of use, including an innovative new connector design that allows accessories to be securely attached and detached

in seconds, without the use of any tools.



The XPR 3000 Series offers plenty of features to make workers more efficient. The two-line display and navigation menu on the XPR 3500 portable is intuitive and easy-to-use, so workers can stay focused on the job at hand.

Enhanced features such as voice announcement provide audible confirmation of channel and zone changes without having to look at the radio, and convenient one-touch access buttons provide quick access to favorite radio features.



When it comes to exceptional audio clarity, the quality of digital cant be denied. With the XPR 3000 Series portables, you get digital audio clarity throughout your coverage area plus unique features to help your employees hear and speak clearly, wherever they work.

Increased background noise suppression filters out unwanted external clamor from the rumble of forklifts to the buzz of school hallways. And with our exclusive Intelligent Audio feature, the radio volume automatically adjusts to compensate for background noise, so workers

dont need to adjust their radio volume to avoid missing a call in loud situations or disturbing others when they move into quiet places. IMPRES audio accessories also enhances noise suppression and improves voice intelligibility for smarter audio than theyve ever




Because the XPR 3000 Series uses TDMA digital technology, it delivers twice the calling capacity plus clearer voice communications. When it comes to battery performance, these radios operate up to 40 percent longer between recharges compared to analog. In addition,

the leading-edge IMPRES technology in our batteries,chargers and audio accessories also ensures longer talk time and clearer audio.



Keeping operations running smoothly during a change in communication systems is vital to your operation. Its easy to migrate to digital because the XPR 3000 Series radios operate in analog and digital mode while the dynamic mixed mode repeater functionality streamlines automatic

switching between analog and digital calls. So you can begin using MOTOTRBO radios and repeaters on your existing analog system, and when your time and budget allow, move to digital at your own pace.



Your workforce is hard at work every day getting students home safely, unloading cargo, checking inventory and checking on guests. Thats why youll appreciate the

easy flexibility and scalability of the XPR 3000 Series to fit your changing needs and coverage area. All it takes is a simple software upgrade to add key features like enhanced scrambling for increased voice privacy or the transmit interrupt suite to prioritize critical communication exactly

when its needed.

Other optional software upgrades can also expand coverage or capacity. IP Site Connect dramatically improves customer service and productivity by using the Internet to extend coverage to create a wide area network,enhancing single site coverage or geographically linking

dispersed locations. Capacity Plus single-site trunking expands capacity to over 1,000 users without adding new frequencies. Linked Capacity Plus leverages the high capacity of Capacity Plus, with the wide area coverage capabilities of IP Site Connect to keep your staff connected

with an affordable wide area trunking solution. So whether you want expanded coverage at a single site or across multiple ones, the XPR 3000 Series can be scaled to your business and budget.



The XPR 3000 Series meets demanding specs, including IP55 for water protection and U.S. Military 810 C, D, E, F and G. Its backed by a two-year Standard Warranty and minimum one-year warranty for accessories.



VHF             UHF

Frequencies           136-174 MHz     403-512 MHz

Channel Spacing                12.5 kHz / 25 kHz*

Frequency Stability              ± 0.5 ppm

Analog Sensitivity (12dB SINAD)    0.3uV

Typical                        0.22uV (typical)

Digital Sensitivity                5% BER @ 0.25uV (0.19uV typical)

Intermodulation (TIA603D)        70 dB

Adjacent Channel Selectivity       60dB @ 12.5 kHz / 70dB @ 25 kHz*  


Adjacent Channel Selectivity       45dB @ 12.5 kHz / 70dB @ 25 kHz*


Spurious Rejection (TIA603D)       70 dB

Rated Audio                     0.5W

Audio Distortion @ Rated Audio      5%

3% (typical)

Hum and Noise                  -40dB @ 12.5 kHz / -45dB @ 25 kHz*

Audio Response                   TIA603D

Conducted Spurious Emission        -57 dBm




VHF            UHF

Frequencies         136-174 MHz       403-512 MHz

Channel Spacing         12.5 kHz / 25 kHz*

Frequency Stability         ± 0.5 ppm

Low Power Output         1W             1W

High Power Output         5W             4W

Modulation Limiting        ± 2.5 kHz @ 12.5 kHz

± 5.0 kHz @ 25 kHz*

FM Hum and Noise       -40 dB@ 12.5 kHz

-45 dB@ 20/25 kHz*

Conducted/Radiated Emission -36 dBm < 1 GHz

-30 dBm > 1 GHz

Adjacent Channel Power       60 dB @ 12.5 kHz

70 dB @ 25 kHz*

Audio Response               TIA603D

Audio Distortion                  3%

4FSK Digital Modulation      12.5 kHz Data: 7K60F1D & 7K60FXD

12.5 kHz Voice: 7K60F1E & 7K60FXE

Combination of 12.5 kHz Voice and Data:


Digital Vocoder Type          AMBE+2

Digital Protocol             -ETSI TS 102 361 -1,-2,-3