Motorola MTX4550

Motorola MTX4550

Motorola MTX4550 is a Smartnet portable radio that is explosion-proof and is included in the Zone. 1, Ex ib IIC and Class II, Groups E, F, G, and Class III is safe, In addition, the MTX4550 radio offers enhanced features to further enhance security. These radios are easy to identify. Because of their brightness, they are intrinsically safe from a distance. blue. They also have support for software talk allowing tone and keyboard backlighting as well as new batteries with improved locking mechanisms. It can work for professionals around flammable gases or vapors, flammable dust Or other environmental hazards. Ideal for use in oil extraction, petrochemical, mining and chemical manufacturing.
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Product Details

Motorola MTX4550 portable Two-way radio

  • Call Alert

    Notifi es users that someone is trying to reach them.

  • Scan

    Scan only the transmissions you want to hear.

  • Private Conversation (Send/Receive)

    Send and receive private or confi dential calls.

  • Failsoft

    Helps ensure continuous communication during interruptions in trunked system service.

  • 3 Programmable Buttons

    Immediate access to your favorite features.

  • 14-Character Alphanumeric Display

    Backlit display identifi es trunked zones, talkgroups, and conventional channels and includes battery gauge icon.

  • Conventional Talkaround

    Unit-to-unit communication, bypassing the repeater.

  • User Defi ned Lists

    Change scan, phone, and call lists on the fly.

  • Telephone Interconnect (Send/Receive)

    Place and receive phone calls using the radio.

  • Push-to-Talk ID

    Shows name or radio ID number on display.

  • Emergency Button

    Quickly alerts a dispatcher or others in an emergency situation.

  • Selective Radio Inhibit

    Allows a radio to be blocked remotely should it be lost or stolen.



Power Output1W
Explosion-proof LevelZone 1, Ex ib IIC and Class II, Groups E, F, G, and Class III

Accessories includes

  • Standard ATEX Explosion-proof ;battery 1420mAh(NNTN5510)

  • Belt Clip 

  • Charger 

  • Antenna

  • Power Adapter