2019 IWCE General Session: How To Achieve The Synergy Between Public And Private Broadband Initiative

- Feb 18, 2019-

(source: iwceexpo.com)

2019 IWCE General Session: How to achieve the synergy between public and private broadband Initiative


Time:  03 March 2019 1:00 pm-2:15 pm

Place: IWCE Theater North Hall 3150 Paradise Road Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Session Number:   GS


  • Donny Jackson

  • Lucy Hakobyan

  • Michael Sherwood

  • Paul Breakman

  • TJ Kennedy

Content Description:

With so many communication projects entering a city, how do you look at them as a whole and bring together organizations in a region or region to work together functionally. Whether it's FirstNet, Smart Building, IoT, Smart Grid or NG911, many of the required technical features are similar - all require fast broadband networks, reliable connectivity, redundant operation and lower latency. FirstNet's national network is a start, but connecting to the United States does start at the local level. Team members will examine how to maximize the efficiency of agencies and jurisdictions in ways that do not lead to duplication of work, while assessing which network resources can be shared and which should not.