2019 PMRExpo Prospect

Date:Sep 23, 2019


2019 PMRExpo Prospect


Time:  10:00 am to 6:00 pm(November 26, November 27), 9:00 am to 3:30 pm(November 28)

Editions:  Tuesday, 26. November Thursday, 28. November 2019 

Address:   Cologne International Exhibition Center, 35 Deanz Millheimer, Cologne, Germany

Organizer:  Germany Federal Association of Professional Mobile Communications, EW media and congresses

Admission fee:  

The 2019 PMRExpo exhibition will be displayed to more than 230 exhibitors at home and abroad. In addition to a variety of innovative products and services in the field of secure communications, visitors can also take advantage of professional forums or speaker corner services. Work with industry-leading experts to identify and discuss new trends in secure communications. The focus of the lecture is as broad as the theme of the industry itself, where it is guaranteed that everything that is of interest to each topic is correct.

The connecting area is located in the middle of the car exhibition, providing visitors with plenty of space to meet with business partners for coffee or snacks. Enjoy the atmosphere of the exhibition in a relaxed atmosphere with a view to using the current emergency vehicles. Just a few steps away, you will find the right speech for each topic in the forum. Speaker Corner will also be held on the same floor for the first time this year. Here, the company presents new products around the theme of secure communication.

Exhibition activities

  1. Start-Up Park: New companies present innovations to a large specialist audience

  2. Vehicle presentations: Vehicle exhibition inside the exhibition hall.
    Shape visitor experiences – exclusive sponsoring, e.g. barista, crêpe stand, smoothie bike or photo box.

  3. Be present – on footprints, banners, displays, screens or become a WLAN partner.

  4. Become a host – for the kick-off evening, the get-togethers or a networking lounge

  5. Inspire with professional expertise:  presentation at the Speakers’ Corner

Floor plan

At this expo, as a global emergency communications solution provider, Motorola Solutions and JVCKENWOOD will participate.