208 State Agencies In The Krasnoyarsk Region Of Russia Will Be Connected To A Single Data Transmission Network

Date:Sep 02, 2020



The 208 state institutions in the Krasnoyarsk region, including 138 medical institutions, will be connected to a single data transmission network. This work is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021.

A unified data transmission network provides electronic document flow between state governments, government agencies and budget organizations (including hospitals, clinics, and cultural centers) in the region.

As of today, 1,636 organizations in the region have connected to the network. In hard-to-reach areas, communication is via satellite. In addition, the Ministry of Digital Development of the region pointed out that the emergency call system "112" and the points used to issue emergency alerts to the public are also operated through a single data transmission network.

Next year, they plan to develop further. For example, in the project-the modernization of the monitoring center, which allows you to quickly register and eliminate errors and malfunctions on the network. The existing 414 communication channels will be upgraded to increase the data transmission rate.

A similar network is being established in Krasnoyarsk today. It should unite regional authorities into a single system with high information transmission rate. The Ministry of Defense stated that Krasnoyarsk's video surveillance system "Safe City" will also be installed on the same platform.

"The components of the information and communication infrastructure of the 2019 Winter Universiade will participate in the creation of its own network for the administration. The modernization of the network will bring several important advantages to the work of the organization: a significant increase in Internet connection speed, no Access to resource-intensive services subject to speed limitations, the possibility of organizing work remotely and saving the annual rental cost of communication channels,” said Nicolas Raspopan, Minister of Digital Development of the Territory.