23rd International Lanterna Di Genova

Date:Sep 15, 2020

On the occasion of the 23rd International Lanterna di Genova, the Genoese lantern will be the protagonist: August 10th to 17th (Saturday) and August 23th (Sunday) will host antennas and transmitters to be able to communicate in different ways Broadcast frequency band, broadcast amateurs from all over the world have participated in the event.

The initiative is organized by Ari (on its website), the Genoa branch of the Italian Radio Amateur Association.

Over the years, the event has continued to develop and has become an important appointment in the amateur radio community: from its debut to today, more than 85 countries have joined.

From UTC 00.01 on Saturday to 24.00 on Sunday, many radio amateurs around the world activate lighthouses and beacon ships in this way.

Radio enthusiasts of the Genoa ARI section obtained the first broadcast license of Lanterna di Genova in the 1998 edition under the name IQ1L.4e47244bf36a8557b6011527d266ff80

Taking into account all the safety measures stipulated by the competent authorities, this year’s Lanterna di Genova memorial building was reopened to the public on Tuesday, May 19: contingents enter, need personal protective equipment and disinfection, and conduct temperature checks. In addition, the Lanterna di Genova Museum is the first museum to use Fastpass, an app that allows visitors to view waiting times and book visit times in real time, thus avoiding crowding along the way and making it easy to enter and exit. We also recommend that you buy tickets online.

In summer, it can be visited from Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm (last admission 5.30 pm), Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10 am to 7 pm (last admission 6.30 pm).