A New Analogue Digital Radio Link For The Adda Martesana Civil Protection

Date:Jan 18, 2021


The Adda Martesana Intercommunal Civil Protection Volunteers Group of the Municipalities of Bellinzago Lombardo, Liscate, Pozzuolo Martesana and Truccazzano has a new analogue digital radio link. Donated by the Inverplast company of Albignano, the device was delivered to the coordinator of the Inter-municipal Group of Volunteers Civil Protection Adda Martesana, Ivano Baccilieri, and in the presence of some Volunteers.


A garrison for the territory

The analog digital radio link is a communication tool which, thanks to a wireless radio frequency or microwave connection between normally fixed points, allows voice information to be transmitted over otherwise unreachable distances via radio communication.


The radio link is important in carrying out the various Civil Protection services, emergency and otherwise, allowing volunteers to be able to communicate with each other without clogging up the institutional frequencies. Unlike a common radio, the use of a radio link allows greater coverage of the territory, ensuring communications where the cellular network does not reach.



"The antenna of the new analog-digital bridge could be installed above the Municipality of Pozzuolo Martesana because the town is in a central position with respect to the territory that includes the four municipalities - began Ivano Bacillieri, coordinator of the Inter-municipal Volunteers of the Civil Protection Adda Martesana - To date, we do not yet know when the radio link will be activated but we can say that it will only be possible when there is authorization from the Ministry of Economic Development. We trust that it can be as soon as possible ».


The Adda Martesana Intercommunal Civil Protection Volunteers Group was born about ten years ago and currently consists of 60 volunteers who belong to the municipalities of Liscate, leader, Bellinzago Lombardo, Pozzuolo Martesana and Truccazzano. For interventions in the area and for assistance to the population, they are equipped with 3 pick-ups, 2 cars, 2 minibuses and 1 truck.


"We are all happy to have this new tool available, equipped with multiple channels and a GPS for geolocation, because it is essential for Civil Protection activities and allows us to be able to act promptly and quickly and stem, in a short time and in safety, the critical issues of the territory and limiting damage to people and things - continued Ivano Baccilieri - We sincerely thank those who have made this great gesture of generosity towards our communities ».