A School In Seville, Spain Contacted International Space Station

Date:Mar 13, 2019


On Tuesday, March 5, 2019, the CEIP Nuestra Señora del Carmen School in Torre De La Reina (Seville, Spain) successfully established contact with the International Space Station via radio.

Herminio Rodríguez, a sixth-grade teacher at CEIP Nuestra Señora del Carmen, encouraged students to try to communicate with NASA. His course is very interesting and he managed to awaken his students' curiosity and scientific taste. So, in order to work, they asked 20 students to establish contact with the 58th expedition's International Space Station. According to reports, the International Space Station has been on track since December 3 last year.torre_de_la_reina_school_activities_related_to_radio

“This involves our school's knowledge of the solar system of astronomy, workshops and seminars involving students, teachers and families during the first quarter of this knowledge to make an international project,” Herminio Rodríguez said.

David saint-jacques is an astronaut and a member of the 58th Expedition. He responded amicably to questions raised by students about orbital life, personal hygiene, facility cleaning or food.

The idea was put forward by Herminio Rodríguez in 2017, when he decided to send two letters from the school to the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) headquarters and the second to the Spanish Space Agency. The two letters tried to answer, and then, to NASA to find a way to contact the space station, so he was interested in the ARISS (Amateur Radio Station Of International Space Station) project, which was designed to allow students to enter and track with the International Space Station. The crew of the scientific world of amateur radio communication.

In May 2018, the letter was answered: "This is very shocking. Imagine a small school like ours that can directly get this experience. It applies not only to students but also to teachers, it makes us full of dreams: Connect with the 400 km height station. We have realized the dreams of adults and children. You have to invest that passion and create new tools. If you believe, you can achieve it," Herminio Rodríguez said.

Last Tuesday, the coordinator of the Seville Radio Workers Union announced that the International Space Station was on the participants. David saint-jacques, a Canadian engineer and doctor on the space station, contacted the Seville school. After 15 minutes of connection, the Seville school students gathered in the auditorium and sent a few questions, but when the Internet map showed that the station was already halfway in Africa, the signal was lost.

Spanish Minister of Science and Innovation Pedro Duque sent a message to the students who participated in the project, praising “they took a small step for science and took a big step for the school”. In addition, King Felipe VI of Spain also praised the Seville school that joined the project.