A Tourist Bus Driver Arrest For Bringing Walkie-talkie Into Thailand

- Jan 10, 2019-

According to the Malaysian "Sin Chew Daily" news on the 7th, a part-time tourist bus driver Amirul Adib (22 years old) was arrested in Thailand for carrying a walkie-talkie. His wife Afika said that she did not expect to enter Thailand with a walkie-talkie. The crime is more serious than carrying arms. It is now raising RM51,000 online to bail off her husband.

It is reported that Adib entered Thailand from 7 passengers in Negeri Perak, Malaysia on December 14, 2018. At the time of the inspection in Sadao, Thailand, he was arrested for carrying a walkie-talkie.

Afika said that her husband is a novice tourist bus driver and does not know that it is a crime to bring a walkie-talkie into Thailand. In addition to the crime of carrying a walkie-talkie, it also includes no tourist pass and no entry permit for transportation.

“The total amount of bail of the husband is 400,000 baht (about RM51,000). Although the employer has partially subsidized it, it is still not enough. The family has taken the gold ornaments and even sought social assistance through social media to make up for the needs. Bail." She said that although she raised RM51,000 bail, it was not enough because at least another RM1 million was needed as a cost of returning home.

Adib's mother said that she met him in Na Thawi, Thailand on December 27, 2018, when her son was frowning and stressed. “Adi also told her family by phone that he might be detained for one to two years. But in any case, we will try to bring Adi home.”