About RadioExpo 2021

Date:Jan 06, 2021

The RadioExpo conference is a presentation of products, systems, technologies, services and comprehensive solutions in the field of professional radio communication. It is the first event of this type in Poland aimed at professionals. It helps to establish business contacts between suppliers of products, technologies and services, and their recipients - companies and organizations whose functioning depends on efficient and reliable radio communication.


The purpose of the meeting is to present the latest solutions for professional radio communication, to exchange views and experiences. The exhibition combined with the conference is an effective form of promotion and will allow you to reach directly representatives of companies and institutions interested in implementing the latest radio communication systems. Visitors are the decision-makers in purchasing communications media.



Conference venue: SANGATE Hotel Airport WARSZAWA

Conference date: March 3-4,2021

Conference hours: 8:30 - 17:00


Contact for exhibitors / participants:

Mariusz Waruszewski

Organizational Director

Tel. +48 602 723 262

Fax. (22) 292 38 27



Contact for exhibitors in organizational matters

Beata Hańska (formerly Jakubowska)

Event Manager

Tel: +48 502 024 571



Responsible company: Telecom Consulting

Piaseczno, ul. Młynarska 13/18




Here are the views on this exhibition:


2“I see the current RadioEXPO conference as a very significant event in our industry. I would say that we have no reason to be in a complex even in the face of such significant events as the world critical radio communications congress. Representatives of public safety services are present here, there are key users from the energy sector. There are also representatives of TETRA and the Critical Communications Association, which gives this event great prestige. "

- Stanisław Słowik, AKSEL sp.z o.o.


“A very good conference and exhibition. We are very pleased that it was organized in a good time in the right place. "

Dariusz Wiśniewski, Airbus Defense & Space


“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the RadioEXPO conference. It was a really interesting event that allowed me to listen to interesting presentations and make new business acquaintances. Congratulations on your excellent organization and we are looking forward to RadioEXPO 2015! "

- Sylwia and Sławek Fryska, Yagi-Fryska


“A very successful conference, I am very pleased that such an event is organized in Poland. I will definitely attend next year. "

- Przemysław Jendrzejczak, Servit sp.z o.o.


“The conference was a hit, I congratulate you on the idea. It is undoubtedly an opportunity to meet people from the industry, suppliers and customers in one place. I wish you perseverance and hope to meet you in 2015. "

- Adrian Dębicz, President of Abekom Plus.


"... it is a great opportunity to meet people from the industry, talk to them, and learn about new products and development directions ..."

Wojciech Truszkowski, PROFKOM


“This is the most positive initiative in my opinion. You can meet people from the industry, make new contacts, exchange impressions and listen to interesting presentations, of which we have a large number here, both when it comes to foreign speakers and from the Polish telecommunications industry. "

Mateusz Dąbrowski, PL. 2012+ sp. Z o.o.



“I think this is a very good initiative, as there has been no such conference on radio in Poland. Technology is changing, suppliers are changing, products are changing, and there is virtually no such information, condensed in one place. Therefore, it is definitely needed. "

Piotr Sobol, NEXRAD Telecom sp.z o.o.


“The conference is very interesting, it includes both domestic and foreign participants. We had a representative of the European TCCA forum and we also had a representative of the German government from the agency responsible for the TETRA system in Germany. (...) The presentation of solutions that exist in Germany is very interesting for us and shows the direction of development. "

Zbigniew Furman, RADMOR S.A.


“It is an interesting convention, completely new. It is very nice that again everyone from the entire radiocommunication industry is meeting in one place. Again, only intended for us and not broken down into completely different branches. We are very happy with this type of organization and we are waiting for more. We will see how this event will develop. We are very pleased today. "

Robert Kościesza, DIGIMES