Activation Of The Tetra R3 Regional Radio System Of The Local Police

Date:Jan 04, 2021


The Comacchio Local Police enters the Tetra R3 regional radio communication system, thanks to the economic contribution of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

In these days, the Comacchio Local Police Command activated the new radio communication system by entering the Tetra R3 regional system. The innovation and modernization of the radio system makes radio communications between patrols in the area and the radio operations center safer.


The municipal administration took part in the announcement published by the Region to finance initiatives and projects in favor of the Local Police, presenting two projects: the first of innovation and modernization of the operational radio center presented by the Command, the second organized for the involvement of voluntary associations in the health emergency to ensure the presence of volunteers in areas deemed to be at greatest risk, such as street markets, to inform and sensitize users on the prescriptions adopted by the Government for monitoring the infection from Covid-19.

This collaboration relationship with voluntary associations has been structured in such a way that it can also be used in the future on the occasion of major events or in cases where it is necessary to give information to the population in a crisis or emergency.

The new Tetra R3 radio system will allow greater safety for operators in radio communications and will also allow, in the event of reinforcement to other commands in the Region, to be able to communicate with the operational radio centers and all patrols present on site regardless of the Command of origin.

In addition, the radio and radio communications management software will allow an analysis of the interventions and their localization in order to be able in the future to allow the provision of services, including preventive ones, in the same locations where a greater number of requests for intervention has resulted, thus making more the presence of the Local Police in the area is efficient.

The contribution of the Emilia Romagna Region paid to the Municipality of Comacchio - Local Police Command, was equal to about 90% of the total expenditure incurred by the Municipality of Comacchio to innovate the Command's Radio Operational Center and those incurred to structure the collaboration with associations voluntary service aimed at guaranteeing the presence of volunteers for the information campaign on the restrictions and behaviors to be followed to contain the infection from Covid-19.