Amateur Radio Network Prepares For Emergency Communications Plan In Morgan County, Texas, USA

Date:Jun 28, 2020


Tornadoes may be happening, due to some amateur radio operators in Morgan County, Texas, backup communication systems are already in place.

John Petersen led a team of 60 amateur radio operators who wanted to help emergency services in rural rural Panhandel County in the event of a tornado or severe flood. His network is complemented by the police, fire department, Morgan County Sheriff Department, Emergency Medical Assistance System (EMS) Department, and 9-1-1 operators.

Peterson said: "It's relatively remote here." "Then, the idea that you can do backup communication really makes sense. For amateur radio, amateur radio, operators have always been known to be able to communicate when others can't communicate. "

Emergency personnel in the county said Peterson's network will play an important role. The county is separated by mountains, isolating rural communities. If the communication infrastructure fails, a backup system is essential.

Taylor Murphy of the Morgan County Rescue Team said: "The first responders are very dependent on communication. "So if our mainframe breaks down, our radios and even the telephone line will not work, we will not be able to communicate with the rest of the county ( Such as other hospitals).

Peterson envisioned a scenario where the national capital could be attacked, and Morgan County would become a logical evacuation point. Peterson is designing bands and frequency templates to prepare for this possibility.