Amateur Radio Requests The IP Address Through ​cloudflare DNS

Date:Jul 04, 2019

Cloudflare offers amateur radio DNS query solutions in London this week. Call sign M6ANJ, QSL card is also available.

This week, London's amateur radio can also verbally request the IP address of the domain name. Cloudflares Chief Technology Officer John Graham-Cumming personally answered you at 145.5MHz at the selected time of the day, when addressing under the M6ANJ amateur radio call sign. This is a telegram of this action.

Cloudflare runs the public Domain Name System (DNS) under the IP address The system can also use DNS-over-HTTPS, DNS is also available in Transport Layer Security Protocol encryption and Tor network, and responds to certain DNS data via SMS, e-mail, Twitter and requests via encrypted Mitteilungsapp telegram.

 This makes the user joking and sends a DNS lookup via the telegram - actually a postcard disguised as a telegram. On Twitter, John Graham-Cumming then solves the query in the same way.
This in turn inspired amateur radio enthusiasts to jump on the train to tease "Many people asked about CloudFlare DNS can be on amateur radio. So, I will be sending this week through Cloudflares' London office" Twitter John Graham-Cumming. Because his current equipment is not much, radio colleagues may have to approach. Then they can also apply for a QSL card.