Amateur Radio Satellite Spreads Message Against Coronavirus

Date:Apr 02, 2020


ORARI, a member association of the Indonesian International Amateur Radio Union, reported that the ham radio satellite LAPAN-A2 (IO-86) was used to transmit "combat coronavirus" messages via APRS. The satellite's text is "Keep Healthy, Fight Coronavirus at Home." Sonny Dwi Harsono, a researcher at the Satellite Technology Development Center YD1SCC, explained that including APRS text messages is a form of support for the Indonesian government's policy on social distance.

Harsono said that to date, dozens of ORARI members across Indonesia have received the news.

He said the final plan calls for trying to distribute messages through IO-86 every 100 minutes under certain conditions. Technical details are being worked out. Harsono noted that government information about COVID-19 can also be sent via satellite.