Amateurcell Software Developed By Turkish Amateur Radio Operator Will Save Lives In Disaster

Date:Sep 17, 2020



Amateur radio operators in Izmir, Turkey can use it on radios and mobile phones, which can keep the "amatörcell" system coordinated, thereby facilitating communication in disaster situations.

The members of the Turkish Amateur Radio Association (TRAC) have been established across the country and provide radio communications with relay transmitters.

When Izmir amateur radio members were looking for ways to solve the communication problems in natural disasters, they conducted a study to use certain functions of mobile phones by radio without GSM network signals.

Amateur radio operators have prepared the entire infrastructure of systems used in certain countries in their own way.

Therefore, the audio signal received from the earphone output of the phone is connected to the microphone of the radio through a cable. After a while, the radio arrives at the Internet signal from the nearest relay station. Then enter the mobile application developed for this purpose. Therefore, in the case that the mobile phone has not received it, messages and emails can be sent to the public pool by radio using only the GPRS function, and the location can be shared with another party.

"System that will save lives in an emergency"

Alirıza Özsaran, vice president of TRACİzmir Branch, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he has been in the amateur radio business for many years.

Özsaran explained that amateur radio operators can communicate uninterrupted in all situations, and he said the importance of communication in the recent earthquake has reappeared.

Özsaran stated that they are radio operators and are committed to communicating in the event of a disaster. “We are developing a system that can send us messages and emails if the GSM network line is interrupted during a disaster. We are currently It is being tested. It works normally. Even if it was not damaged in the earthquake, the mobile phone line was locked. Our system did not crash." said.