Amy Klobuchar Proposed Legislation To Modernize The US 911 System.

Date:May 18, 2019

Amy Klobuchar, US co-chair of the Senate new generation 911 core group, proposed legislation in the Minnesota District Court on Wednesday, May 15, to speed up the federal government's efforts to modernize the US 911 system.

The new generation of the 911 Act created a federal grant program to help state and local governments deploy the next generation of 911 systems nationwide. There is an urgent need to upgrade to help push most of the country's 911 call centers and related technologies into the digital age and enable them to handle text messages, pictures, videos and other emergency information sent by smartphones, computers and other devices.

The companion legislation proposed in the US House of Representatives on Wednesday was also led by California representatives Anna G. Eshoo and John Shimkus and was included in the Future US Infrastructure

"In a crisis, no one should be at risk because of the outdated 911 communications system - first responders, public safety officials and law enforcement must be able to communicate seamlessly," Klobuchar said in the release. "This legislation will complement our 911 system and provide state and local governments with the resources they need to update their emergency response networks and protect community security."

“In the US, infrastructure means more than just roads and bridges. It includes key communications equipment. This is an important step in upgrading the 911 system, and I look forward to it quickly in the House and Senate,” Klobuchar added.