Apple Release a 'walkie-talkie' On Apple Watch 4

Date:Dec 21, 2018

On Monday, December 17, Apple release a "walkie-talkie" software, Apple Watch 4 can be like a walkie-talkie, let you communicate with friends through the push-to-talk function. Unlike walkie-talkies, Apple's "walkie-talkie" software works at any distance, automatically combining real-time voice with text messages. With Walkie Talkie, you can send a request to a friend to enable the walkie-talkie feature. Just press the walkie-talkie button in the walkie-talkie app to make the Apple Watch 4 sound and send it to a friend's Apple Watch. 4. The walkie-talkie can run on a mobile network or Wi-Fi, while Apple designs high-quality audio. Audio enters theater mode via the mute setting, but you can choose to set yourself to be unable to mute incoming connections from friends.

Apple watch-walkie talkie conference

When you launch the 'walkie-talkie', you will be able to scroll through the contacts and select the people you want to connect to. The person at the receiver of the walkie-talkie will hear their Apple Watch 4 sound, and then they will see a screen that allows them to approve the connection. Currently, when you choose to enable connections to someone, you seem to be able to select "Always allow." Once you have established a two-way connection, simply press and hold the call button to communicate, just like the other person. The dialogue we have been testing has been clear and the sound quality is excellent. If your Apple Watch 4 is in silent mode, the intercom will ignore it, so you will still hear the buzz from the intercom and the upcoming conversation. The same is true for the “Do not disturb mode”, but by turning the digital crown, you can switch the volume.

With the push-to-talk connection enabled, you and the people you connect to can chat at any time without additional approval options. You can have multiple  conversations at the same time and list each conversation in the software. When you enable a  conversation with another person, both of you will see a yellow walkie-talkie icon on top of Apple Watch 4. If you want to mute the conversation so you can't contact again, you can scroll up the walkie-talkie application interface and turn off the Available icon. If there is no one, if someone tries to talk to you, they will see a message saying that you are not there and you will be notified. If you want to resume conversations with people, you can switch back to "Available" and everything will work. Both of the people in the conversation need to be set to "available" in the 'walkie-talkie' to make it fully operational.

However, in field operations or outdoor travel, in areas that are not covered by the communication network, or in areas where the network communication capability is lost due to disasters, timely rescue is required in the event of a critical situation,this software can't help. So it’s best to buy a 'real' one╮(╯▽╰)╭