Area Fire Departments Receive Grant For MARCS Radio System

Date:Dec 30, 2020


Manfield-National Fire Services Office announced the first recipients of the 2021 MARCS (Multi-Agency Radio Communication System) grant, which includes 242 fire departments in 46 counties in Ohio.

The MARCS radio system allows first responders to not only communicate seamlessly with each other, but also with other agencies responding to accidents (for example, fire departments, law enforcement agencies in nearby areas, etc.).

"First responders with advanced radio systems have a long way to go in improving emergency services in these counties, which greatly improves the level of safety for them and the communities they protect," said Marshal Kevin Rydendon . "I am honored to continue to support the Ohio responders."

MARCS radio is a complex system and the cost can be high. In order for the local fire department to have more broadcasting equipment, the State Fire Service (SFM) office has begun to reduce the royalties granted. This year, SFM received more than US$9 million in funding and requested US$3 million in available funding.

Reardon said: "This is a highly competitive process that requires us to make some difficult choices to enhance the system." "The focus of this grant has always been to develop the MARCS program. Our ultimate goal is to one day make everybody in Ohio All departments use the system."


Local departments receiving grants include:

Richland County: Shelby Fire Department, $2,280; Franklin Township Fire Department, $2,280; Springfield Township Fire Department, $1,560; Washington Town Fire Department, $2,880; Cass Blooming Grove and Shelby Luo United Fire Zone, $3,240.

Ashland County: Jeromesville Fire Department, $1,320.

Crawford County:Bucyrus Fire Department, $2,280; Chatfield Volunteer Fire Department, $3,360; Crestline Fire Department, $2,160; Galion Fire Department, $3,120; New Washington Fire Department, $ 2,760; Bucyrus Town Fire Department, $2,160; Dallas City Fire Department, $1,920; Holmes Town Volunteer Fire Department, $3120; and Liberty Town Fire Department, $3,000.

This is the sixth consecutive year that the State Fire Marshal's Office has provided the grant. The winners of the second round will be announced in late January.