Argentina Mendoza Proposes To Communicate With The 911 System Via Message

Date:Oct 24, 2019


Recently, the Senate of Mendoza, Argentina, approved a proposal by judicial expert Senator Mauricio Sat to improve the coordination of emergency response systems. This is to communicate with the 911 system via message, so that emergency communication can be carried out when disabled or verbal communication is difficult. The system will be free.

Senator Sartre explained that the proposal aims to improve the quality of service not only by answering calls but also by using new technologies. He also said: "The data shows that 25.3% of the population of our country has some type of difficulty, and this population reached 28.7% in the Cuyo area."

The author of the specification believes that the system ensures that text messaging is a very effective channel because it consumes the least amount of resources and has better reception capabilities when the telephone network is congested.

The Emergency Coordination System is part of the Government of Mendoza and involves the Ministry of Health and Safety. This is a professional service that provides medical emergencies and transfers, which was previously coordinated by the police.

An instrument with a free three-digit* 911 free emergency center that establishes communication over any phone, allowing the operator to help in an emergency 24 hours a day, as well as an immediate referral to the appropriate department (police, Fire department, civil defense, medical emergency, domestic violence, etc.).