Argentine Ministry Of Security Installed A New TETRA Communication Base Station For The Mendocino 911

Date:Apr 17, 2019



Since the opening of the Potrerillos tunnel, more and more visitors to mendocino have been deployed. The Argentine Ministry of Security has expanded the coverage of the TETRA (Trans European Trunked Radio) system to install a new base station for emergency communications for the 911 department of Cacheuta.

This is the first TETRA emergency communication base station to operate from the renewable energy of previous generation solar panels. The system has been operational, including the mendocino police station, the health emergency system, firefighters, civil defense, provincial roads, national roads and national gendarmerie.

Tetra communication base stations allow digital radio communications to be provided to the province through voice and data, allowing business and tactical data to be coordinated and managed for all security and emergency forces in an efficient, reliable and secure manner.

The effectiveness of the new base station was verified on March 25, 2019, when a 31-year-old man encountered an accident while downhill with his partner near the Frasca Bridge, a few kilometers from the communications base station. The victim fell from about 15 meters into the gap, the head was hit, and the tibia and fibula were broken. The 911 department got the information. Immediately coordinate emergency services to provide telephone assistance. At the same time, police firefighters, volunteer firefighters and rescue patrol personnel arrived at the scene within a few minutes to begin rescue work, and their team coordinated with Tetra two-way radio. It can also effectively reduce traffic accidents in the mountains.