As Tensions In China Intensify, Australia Will Invest An Additional US$190 Billion In Defense Funds Over The Next Ten Years

Date:Jul 06, 2020


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on July 1 that over the next decade, an additional 270 billion Australian dollars (about $190 billion) of defense funds will be invested to develop long-range weapons and equipment to enhance the enemy's defense capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region.

More than half of the money will be used to increase Australia's air and sea power. These include the largest update of the Australian Navy since World War II, as well as plans to purchase the world's most advanced attack fighter jets and purchase advanced long-range maritime missiles and anti-ship weapons.

It will also spend A$800 million to purchase the AGM-158C long-range anti-ship missile from the United States. The missile has a range of more than 370 kilometers and will be a major upgrade to Australia's existing anti-ship missiles.

Australia’s new national defense strategy stipulates that Australia will focus its defense strategy on long-range strike capabilities and cyber warfare capabilities, and will intend to deploy troops to the Indian Ocean-Pacific region.

In the field of cyber warfare, Australia recruited 500 cyber spies to invest in national digital security information. After the announcement of the new strategy, Australia has exposed its ambitions in the military field. In terms of long-range naval missile strike capabilities, hypersonic weapons and ballistic missile defense systems, Australia has made corresponding adjustments.