Date:Nov 27, 2020

Critical communications operator ASTRID, operator of the nationwide critical communications TETRA radio network serving the emergency responders in Belgium, today announced that as of January 1, 2021 it will close down the PICTURE PUSH over TETRA application. This service is now obsolete, due to the introduction of new technologies and is therefore no longer used sufficiently.astrid-focus-appl (1)

The PICTURE PUSH application, which allows photos to be sent from workstations in the control center to TETRA radios in the field, was developed about ten years ago in order to facilitate missing persons searches or identity checks.

Nowadays many police officers in Belgium use smartphones as they are much better suited to receive a photos, for example via the so called Focus application. This application runs on the ASTRID Blue Light Mobile service, a service that was introduced to make life of the police officer 'on the beat' more effective.

The ASTRID Blue Light Mobile service, offers the end user a mobile voice and data communication service that is highly available with a high quality of service.