At Least 6 People Were Killed When Hurricane Zeta Landed In The Southern United States

Date:Nov 05, 2020


On October 28, local time, Hurricane Zeta made landfall in the southern United States with wind speeds of approximately 110 miles per hour (about 177 kilometers per hour), causing a large number of local trees to fall, crushing houses, and breaking electrical wires. . As of now, the hurricane has caused at least six deaths and a large-scale blackout in Louisiana.

According to reports, "Zeta" has caused more than 2 million households and businesses in the southern region of the United States to lose power, of which about 531,000 in Louisiana have lost power. In the downtown area of New Orleans, Louisiana, tree branches broken by strong winds can be seen everywhere, and some sections of roads were forced to close due to the failure of traffic lights. The electric power department predicts that most areas may resume power supply this weekend, and it will take about 10 days for some areas to resume power supply.

   The US Weather Channel reported that from Grand Island, Louisiana (Grand Island)

The video of Isle) shows that the roof of a large house was overturned, the roof of a gas station was also overturned, and telephone poles and wires were blown down.