At The IFA2019 Expo, Motorola Solutions Show TALKABOUT Walkie-talkies

Date:Sep 25, 2019


At the IFA2019 exhibition, the corner of the Motorola Solution Terminal Exhibition stopped and the TALKABOUT series walkie-talkie was wearing a colorful body. I want to pick it up and use it. Of course, the Motorola walkie-talkie is not only beautiful in appearance, but also in performance and quality.

It uses primary colors and uses the texture of plastic, you can remember the old Windows Phone from the color resin body, but this does not make you feel cheap. The white body model "TALKABOUT T42" is designed to cover the bottom of the main unit with orange, green and blue holes and surround the antenna on the side. Very fashionable

Due to the size of the speaker holes on the front of the main unit and the design of the main unit, the “TLKR T41” is somewhat outdated.

In addition to the three colors of the T42, there is pink, but the design seems to be better than the T42. The transceiver performance is almost the same, with a call area of 4km. Because it is also considered suitable for children, it is also small in size.motorola-talkabout-t82

The TAKLABOUT series is versatile in design, while the T42 upper model "T62" is also a dual-supply product for professional use, with a range of calls up to 8Km. The blue body has a blue or red antenna that illuminates.

All modern transceivers support USB charging, so you don't have to worry about replacing the battery or carrying a dedicated AC adapter. Pairing is done with the touch of a button.