At The LAAD Exhibition 2019,Motorola Solutions Showcased The Latest Public Safety Products

- Apr 04, 2019-



On April 2, 2019, at the LAAD Defence and Security International Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Motorola Solutions demonstrated the concept of integrated security and defense for network connectivity, using advanced sensors, handheld two-way radio, software, and cameras. And artificial intelligence to help public safety and defense officials in emergencies or when dealing with day-to-day work.

For the commander of the security forces, visibility, communication and recording of the field operations are very important. With more than 90 years of professional radio experience, Motorola Solutions demonstrates its integrated system at LAAD, a network connectivity solution that meets the digital and public and private defense and security era.

“We participated in the LAAD exhibition, which showed all the technologies needed to integrate public safety and defense force communications. We are discussing sensors for field personnel as well as command and control, network storage and artificial intelligence software, fixed cameras and Body camera. These technologies are already available to the Brazilian government and the market. We also have a radio communication system that is an important part of the defense and public safety organization. This network connectivity solution suite provides situational awareness to the command center and provides it to field officials. Real-time information," explains Elton Borgonovo, general manager of Motorola Solutions Brazil.


At the show, Motorola Solutions will showcase tactical LTE-compliant radios that will generate live 4G network "bubble" to integrate different solutions. The services of the dedicated 4G network created by the device can support interoperability through added devices and applications, enabling the radio encryption function on the TETRA standard or P25 standard system to prevent unauthorized people from listening to messages or viewing data. It also uses data in real-time between the control center and field officials to transmit video, images, maps and other information.

In addition to tactical LTE-compliant radios, the Motorola solution will showcase the LEX L11 handheld radio, ruggedized devices, built-in mission-critical communications software, and high-definition cameras and dedicated buttons for emergency and alarm communications. One such application is WAVE, which integrates multiple radio standards (P25, TETRA and DMR standards), cellular networks and even desktop computers for push-to-talk (PTT) applications.

The tactical LTE-compliant radio and LEX L11 handheld radio integrated into the digital radio have been operating in Paraíba, Brazil. Other Brazilian cities are also testing these solutions

One of the main new features introduced at the show was the system of integrating sensors in the police holster. When the gun is pulled out, the audio and video recordings of the Si500 video speaker microphone are automatically turned on, providing an impartial account of the event. The video is stored under strict security standards and can be used for investigation purposes in court.


At the command center, the video and audio of the Si500 camera are uploaded to Motorola Digital Evidence Management System Command Central Vault. Network-based storage ensures on-demand scalability and the latest in data security without the need to store, manage, back up and protect data evidence on a proxy server.

The CommandCentral software family integrates sensors, cameras and devices for real-time monitoring. Another important feature is its ability to generate reports and maps of events such as robbery, theft and other crimes. The software uses machine learning to analyze behavior and patterns, and it helps law enforcement agencies respond more actively to events.