Australia Implements New Amateur Radio Licenses For Radio Amateurs

Date:Oct 14, 2019



Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has issued changes to amateur radio licensing conditions that have been in effect since September 21. According to the Australian Wireless Association (WIA), all licensees have removed all restrictions on the launch mode and all licensees are allowed in all frequency bands allowed for each license category except 2200 and 630 meters. The license transfer bandwidth has been increased and is only available to advanced license holders.

According to WIA, the effect of these two changes is that all licensees can use any mode, including those that have not yet been invented, as long as the transmission is still in use. ACMA retains a basic, standard and advanced three-tier licensing structure. No changes have been made to the band and power limits allowed for each license category.

All restrictions on Foundation licensees have been removed, and foundation operators can now build and use their own transmitters and transceivers, using computer control and automatic modes, as well as digital mode.