Bangladesh Decided To Reopen Communication Services In Muslim Refugee Camps In Arakan

Date:Aug 26, 2020


According to reports, Bangladesh has decided to restart the mobile network and Internet services in the refugee camps where Muslims in the Arakan region live in order to provide better services during the new coronavirus epidemic.

Mahbub Alam Talukder, head of refugee affairs in Bangladesh, announced his decision to reopen telephone and Internet services in refugee camps. Talukder stated that they have been notified of the decision, but it has yet to be formally notified and implemented.

Talukder said that they recommended that government officials re-establish digital communications for 1.2 million refugees in the Arakan area, and pointed out that they also suffered from this situation and service interruption during their duty in the camp.

Talukder said that they welcome the decision very much and hope that the Bangladesh Ministry of Interior will immediately instruct the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission to restore mobile networks and Internet services in the camp.

After the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Bangladesh in early March, international human rights organizations demanded the restoration of communications services in the Arakan refugee camp.

It was announced that 83 people in the refugee camp were infected with the epidemic, and another 6 people died of the new coronavirus.

Bangladesh has banned Rohingya in refugee camps from using mobile phone SIM cards since September 2019.

For security reasons, the Bangladeshi government has ordered telecommunications regulators to "close local Internet services."