Bradley County, Tennessee, U.S. Will Raise 911 Surcharge

Date:Feb 28, 2020



The 911 Committee in Bradley County, Tennessee, voted Wednesday to approve the Tennessee Senate Bill SJR 836, which proposes to increase the surcharge for 911 calls from $ 1.16 to $ 1.50.

Currently, Tennessee's 911 surcharge is set at $ 1.16. Keep 2 cents of the $ 1.16 price as funding for a telecommunications equipment access plan to provide equipment for voice or hearing impaired users. The remaining $ 1.14 was used to support emergency communications.

On February 25, the bill was recommended for adoption by the Senate State and Local Government Committees and has been submitted to the Senate Finance, Fundraising, and Methods Committee.

Before the committee voted, 911 call center director Sherri Maxfield said the conference would eventually approve the Tennessee Emergency Communications Commission's recommendations.

The new surcharge will take effect on January 1, 2021. Surcharges are charged by dealers of communication services or prepaid communication services.