Brazilian State Of Santa Catarina Suffers The Worst Drought In History

Date:Nov 19, 2020



The Brazilian state of Santa Catarina suffered a drought, which was the worst drought in history recorded in 1957. It is predicted that due to the impact of the La Niña phenomenon, the dry period will be extended to next year.

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Drought causes cities to rotate water supply

Global warming worsens the situation

According to Guilherme Miranda, the government and farmers must prepare for periods of extreme drought and heavy rain.

-This situation will continue to repeat itself. He said that due to global warming, we will endure more extreme events, whether it is floods or droughts.

More expensive food

Due to drought, agricultural production in Santa Catarina has suffered huge losses in recent months. The decrease in the supply of several basic items is directly reflected in the pockets of consumers. According to Faesc vice president Enori Barbieri, this year's food inflation rate has reached 10%. Epagri pointed out that the garlic crop is the most severely affected crop in winter, with a 15% reduction in production. Pigs, poultry and dairy cows are also severely affected.

This week, the state government requested the support of the Legislative Assembly to allocate 3 million reais to people affected by rain. With the release of resources, more than 2,000 rural properties facing water shortages in the west will benefit. The government has released a total of 42 million reais for drought-affected areas.


Although there are rainfall forecasts throughout the state in the second half of November, rainfall should be low, especially in the western region. Meteorologist Leandro Puchalski explained that the drought in Santa Catarina is part of the normal climate, especially when La Niña occurs. This phenomenon is mainly caused by the decrease in rainfall, and it is expected that this phenomenon will continue until the summer of 2021.