By The End Of 2023, The Russian Government Will Provide Cellular Communications Services To 15,000 Residents In The Perm Region

Date:Mar 12, 2021


Recently, Russian Territorial Information Development and Communication Minister Andrey Khoroshev stated that “in the next three years, in the Perm region, cellular communications will be provided for all settlements of 250 to 2,000 people. And mobile internet.

According to the results of the following aspects, more than 15,000 residents in the Perm region will be able to use cellular communications. The location of the communication center to the settlement", said Andrey Khoroshev.Perm_region_Russia

Dmitry Makhonin, head of the Perm region, emphasized the need to provide settlements with modern communication methods-high-speed Internet and mobile communications. "Clearing the digital divide is an important task. The Kama regional government has set itself a goal to provide communication for settlements of 100 or more people. Today, the spread of communication and the Internet means opportunities for commuting and learning. And the development of the Internet. Telemedicine and security (access to emergency service calls). In addition, this can also access digital projects that we are introducing in different areas of life. Build private partnerships on this topic," the regional leader pointed out.