Chatham County, Georgia, US $ 18.3 Million Borrowed For Emergency Communications Radio Upgrade

Date:May 19, 2020



Recently, the Chatham County Government Committee in Georgia, USA approved the loan of $ 18.3 million to upgrade the fund system to the county ’s emergency communications and broadcasting system.

This upgrade is part of last year ’s budget discussion and the most recent capital improvement plan for 2021-2027, which is a list of county plan fund projects that cost more than $ 100,000.

The new system will work with North Carolina ’s voice interoperability emergency response plan and will, according to county documents, “increasing our interoperability and the entire region and country in the county. The existing 3 signal towers will be upgraded The five new towers under construction are distributed in Chatham.

The total cost of the project offset more than $ 2.3 million in grants from North Carolina 9-1-1.

The county ’s existing radio system does not cover the entire county; In addition, communication with surrounding counties and agencies “is limited or non-existent due to different radio systems.” The system caused by these problems, the document states, “give rescue workers and Citizens pose serious security risks. "

On May 5, Vickie McConnell, the chief financial officer of Chatham County, said the county obtained a "very good" interest rate loan from the Bank of America and expects approval from the local government committee and requires any local government borrowing.

This project is already in progress. Construction and engineering work is already in progress. The agenda from last Monday said that because the "use permit process" may also be delayed due to current public meeting restrictions, "but not all signal towers will be restricted.