Chile And Japan Agree To Technical Exchange On ICT

Date:Jan 20, 2021



The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of Chile, MTT, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan, MIC, signed a Memorandum of Collaboration, MOC, to strengthen the technical exchange in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, ICT.

This agreement, which deals with eleven matters related to telecommunications, includes two strategic issues: the Asia-South America Submarine Cable and the deployment of 5G networks. Along these lines, for the former, collaboration with the MIC has taken place since the beginning of this project and is currently being maintained with the exploration of data transport from Australia to Asia through the existing infrastructure. For its part, in terms of 5G, the MTT, through the Undersecretariat of Telecommunications (SUBTEL), has expressed to the MIC, the convenience of having examples of the use of this technology in productive applications that can be replicated in Chile.

"If we want to face well the different challenges posed by the new digital era, we have to learn from the experiences of other markets, who through their knowledge can contribute so that the national telecommunications sector continues to grow, benefiting all citizens", said the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Gloria Hutt.

Meanwhile, the Undersecretary of Telecommunications, Pamela Gidi, stated that “for Chile to consolidate its position as a regional Digital Hub, it has to strengthen the entire telecommunications ecosystem so that sectors and citizens can benefit in a real and comprehensive way from the new technologies such as the future 5G network ”.

It should be noted that to date, a fruitful collaboration has developed between the MTT and MIC, so the MOC is a support and extension of this.