Chile Los Ríos Will Hold A Dialogue To Solve The Problem Of New Meter Interference Radio

Date:Apr 25, 2019



“Smart Meters” may interfere with the radio network and are used for internal communication by the emergency agency.

The radio amateur network of the capital of Los Ríos in Chile will hold a dialogue at Liceo Industrial next Wednesday, where they hope to solve the problems caused by the new electric meter. In this example, in addition to the radio station, the complexities that may arise in the radio network used will be announced and communicated internally by the emergency agency.

As the coordinator of the meeting, Rodrigo Ortiz is inconsistent with the Deputy Minister of Telecommunications and will pass two exemptions: prohibit the use of electronic communication devices such as smart meters, and allow them if they use low power.

Ortiz said that what was sought was to avoid further interference with the radio spectrum, considering that some devices use low-frequency communication devices to “save lives”.

A meeting of all entities inviting to cooperate with this communication system, as representatives of firefighters, army, navy, Carabineros, Onemi, local radio stations and amateur radio enthusiasts, will be held at 3 o'clock in the Liceo Industrial in Valdivia next Wednesday.