China And Mongolia Hold Talks On Radio Frequency In China-Mongolia Border Area

Date:Oct 18, 2019


From October 9 to 11, 2019, the third frequency coordination meeting for terrestrial radio services between China and Mongolia's radio regulatory authorities was held in Beijing.

In this meeting, the Chinese delegation consists of the Radio Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Gansu Province and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Radio Administration, and the China Telecom Operating Enterprise. 

The Mongolian delegation consists of the Mongolian Communications and Information Technology Authority, the Mongolian Radio Frequency Management and Monitoring Center and the Mongolian Telecom Operating Enterprise.

The two sides exchanged views on various topics on radio frequency coordination in the terrestrial border area and exchanged views on issues related to the 2019 World Radiocommunication Conference. The two sides reached a series of consensus and signed the 800MHz frequency band use agreement in the border area between China and Mongolia.