China Beidou Satellite Navigation System Launches Penultimate Satellite, System Will Be Launched In 2 Months

Date:Mar 14, 2020


At 19:55 Beijing time on March 9, the "Changzheng III Type II" launch vehicle equipped with the second geostationary satellite of the BeiDou-3 system was launched from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. Later, the satellite successfully entered the reservation. track. This is the penultimate satellite of the Beidou satellite navigation system. In May, China will launch the last geostationary satellite. By then, Beidou satellite navigation system deployment will be completed.

The Beidou satellite navigation system is divided into three phases: Beidou 1 system, Beidou 2 system, and Beidou 3 system. At present, as the four satellites of the Beidou-1 system have been retired, counting from the first star of the Beidou-2, China has launched 54 Beidou navigation satellites.

The Beidou-3 system consists of 24 medium-circle earth orbits, 3 geostationary orbits, and 3 inclined geosynchronous orbits. A total of 30 satellites are launched. This time, the 29th networking satellite and the 2 geostationary orbit satellite were launched. .

According to reports, Beidou satellite navigation system has surpassed the US GPS navigation system in scale, becoming the world's largest navigation system. After its completion, Beidou-3 satellite navigation system will provide GPS positioning accuracy in China and Asia-Pacific as much as that of the United States.

Compared with the GPS navigation system, the Beidou satellite navigation system adds services such as short message communication, enabling users to communicate with each other and track the user's location in emergency situations. It will help advance the development of driverless cars, 5G networks and robotics.