China Launches 5G Network Commercialization

Date:Nov 02, 2019


On October 31, at the opening forum of the China International Information and Communication Exhibition in 2019, Chen Xiongxiong, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, announced the commercial launch of the 5G network. Chen Shaoxiong said: The network facilities are constantly improving. The current 5G commercial process is accelerating. The urban areas of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other cities have already achieved coverage, and the download rate of China's network has increased to the world's advanced level. 130,000 5G network base stations will be built by the end of this year.

5G network represents the new era of the Internet

Academician Yan said that the current growth rate of Internet users in China is declining, and the penetration rate of mobile users has begun to stagnate.

Now in the connection period of the new and old kinetic energy development of the Internet, when it is necessary to deepen and the industrial Internet needs to start, the 5G network comes just right.

Thanks to edge computing, data storage, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain technology, 5G network achieves an effective combination of communication computing and control, 5G network and 8K resolution and Augmented Reality technology, Virtual Reality technology can achieve high definition Live, 3D animation, online games, environmental monitoring, cultural tourism, education and training, telemedicine, shopping experience.

The combination of 5G network and artificial intelligence and Internet of Things can support collaborative design, robots, and in-vehicle networks, supporting collaborative design, production assembly, online inspection, and preventive maintenance. The combination of 5G network and blockchain technology can support digital currency, product traceability and so on. "

In short, Ultra HD video and Augmented Reality technology, Virtual Reality technology is activated because of 5G network, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are merged because of 5G network. ”

Industrial Internet will reduce latency due to 5G networks, provide highly reliable transmission, and support real-time analysis and decision-making of industrial data.

Finally, Academician Yan reminded: Enterprises can rent 5G virtual private network (VPN), or build their own 5G private network.